Americans Put Ketchup on Everything!

Americans Put Catsup on Everything!

I was warned in advance, don’t sit beside any Italian Mamma at the dinner table; they will continuously shovel spoonfuls of food on your plate.  “Mangia! Mangia! Too skinny… you need to eat!”  It was the summer of 2003, one of the most scorching summers in Italy’s record the first time I met Grazia, my adorable Italian mother-in-law.  It was that night that I realized we Americans have a stereotypical obsession with ketchup!

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Life Works Best When We Prepare for the Unexpected

Life Works Best When We Prepare for the Unexpected.  The Path of Life is Unexpected

Did you ever really think your life would be what it is today? Did you plan it out to perfection only to realize the exact opposite of what you had always visioned? Trust me when I say, Life Works Best When We Prepare for the Unexpected.

You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.Paulo Coelho

For my entire life growing up, I always imagined I’d do everything the same way that my parents had, the “happily ever after” parts of course.  I’d be married by 24, have 3 kids, a girl and a boy and whatever came next.  I would be a professional Artist Type.  My husband would be just like my father: humorous, charming, and a super loving Life-of-the-Party!  I would be the best friends to my kids & so wise, speaking honesty from the heart, just like my mother!  My kids would be exceptional in school and quirky artsy with Mohawks and colored hair.

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Gary Goldschneider calls me a “Grounded Wanderer”

Gary Goldschneider calls me a "Grounded Wanderer" Red Velvet Voyage is a personal travel blog site where I share my random experiences. Here I am on a scooter on a day ride in Greece.

In the Book “The Secret Language of Birthdays” Gary Goldschneider calls me a “Grounded Wanderer” meaning traits typical of my birthdate are IMAGINATIVE, FREE-SPIRITED, GIVING, NERVOUS, UNSETTLED, & NEUROTIC, your typical Travel Addict!  

At sixteen years old with hot-pink hair, exaggerated baggy wide-legged skater pants, and a tiny midriff, I came across the most amazing book that to this day continues to astound me.  It was in Borders, right at the time when big-box megastores were transforming the way that we shopped, the early 90’s. The book is “The Secret Language of Birthdays” by Gary Goldschneider.  To this day I still look to this book & another of his, “The Secret Language of Relationships” as encyclopedia value.  I don’t know how he does it, but to me Gary Goldschneider is a genius, fortune-telling, mind-reading guru who can say or do no wrong in my book.  Maybe because I am head over heels in truth about HIS dedication to the day I was born.  Maybe because he predicted the break up of my last serious relationship for the exact reasons that were.  Maybe because he wrote my husband and I a relationship to out-stand cockroaches on Earth.  However the fact, I am and will forever be, The Grounded Wanderer!

Those born on this day are wanderers by nature and therefore either love to travel, or are somehow driven to do so. This theme of wandering or travel in their lives usually takes a real form, but can also be a metaphor for mental and emotional adventures as well. Indeed the literal and figurative are not mutually exclusive here. Reading, thinking, dreaming, traveling—both physically and psychically wandering—these are the kinds of activities which interest those born on this day.Gary Goldschneider

from The Secret Language of Birthdays

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Are you at Risk of Identity Theft while on Vacation?

Could you be an easy target for Identity Theft?
Do you put your mail on Vacation Hold in the USPS while on vacation?
Do you use the same passwords for multiple accounts?
Do you still use the same online passwords from years ago?
Do you use your full real name on Social Media Sites?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, You ARE an easy target for Identity Theft.
I became a Victim of Identity Theft while I was on vacation, racking up $10,000 in debt.

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