Gym Mykonos Comes to you on your Holiday in Mykonos

Pilates Gym Mykonos Reto Dumeng trains Red Velvet Voyage on a private terrace in Mykonos poolside Villa
Pilates Mykonos by Reto Dumeng is a Mobile Gym Mykonos Greece
that comes to you to offer healthy fitness workouts at your holiday accommodations.
Mobile Gym Mykonos Pilates Mykonos Greece Europe by Reto Dumeng in our private villa pool overlooking the Aegean Sea
What comes to mind when you here the word, MYKONOS?  white-washed houses with blue shutters, Luxury VIP Greek Island, Greek tavernas, partying beach clubs, gay bars, late night clubbing and bar hopping, sexy bodies in bikinis on the white sandy beaches?  Well… you better find a way to stay physically fit on your Mykonos vacation to keep up with the hot sexy bodies!
Mobile Gym Mykonos Pilates Mykonos Greece Europe by Reto Dumeng in our private villa pool overlooking the Aegean Sea

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Marettimo – Sailing the Isole Egadi – Aegadian Islands

Marettimo Island Sicily | Marettimo Isole Egadi | Arriving into the Charming Port by Sailboat

The reason that we decided to come Sailing in the Aegadian Islands in the first place was on friend’s recommendation.  Every year they go to Marettimo for a week on holiday.  They said, “You have to eat at La Scaletta, and say hello to Giovanni!”

So like I do before any trip, I check it out on Wikipedia for any fun facts and history bits to impress my travel companions & then on Trip Advisor: best places to eat, sleep, & do.  Its my pre-travel regimen.  Wikipedia enlightens me on the fact that there is a mere 300 residents.  My High-school student-body consisted of over 800 kids!  Trip Advisor informs me, “We’re sorry but Marettimo doesn’t have any hotels.” They have a couple of Bed & Breakfasts and less than 10 restaurants.  Forget any nightlife!  Blaspheme!!!!  That’s a desolate Isle, remote and barely inhabited!  I read on in the attractions- Visita alle grotte di Marettimo con le barche dei pescatori… WICKED!  Explore the interior of the Mountain’s Caves in a local fisherman’s boat! Marettimo just became Top of my To Do list!

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Ice Hotel Sweden to Celebrate New Years Eve 2013-2014

Kiruna Sweden Ice Hotel Unicorn Sculpture

Destination Ice Hotel Sweden in Kiruna

to Celebrate New Years Eve 2013-2014

After many times hearing of the Ice Hotel Sweden I always thought it would be a COOL place to visit.  It’s an extreme destination, over-the-top-artistic-quirky, AND you can drink Absolute Vodka shots out of Frozen-Ice-Shot-Glasses in the Absolute Vodka Ice Bar!!! Ice Hotel Sweden is a remarkably unique place to visit, once.  Check that off my Bucket List!  Snowy Icy Darkness-Filled Fantasy Land…. The amazing ice sculptures, barely two hours of daylight, Snowmobiling through the woods in search of the Aurora Borealis, hiking through the snow, learning about the Sami Culture – the nomadic reindeer herders, racing a sled pulled by reindeer, Lingonberry Juice, quaint town of Kiruna, tiny village of Jukkasjarvi, dog sleds….

ice hotel Sweden bed made of Ice & coverered with Reindeer Hide

ice hotel Sweden bed made of Ice & coverered with Reindeer Hide

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TaxiCab Confessions of our Sicilian Cabby

taxicab confessions in Sicily Image of a Traditional Sicilian Horse Drawn Cart, Carretto Siciliano

From the airport in Trapani we hop in a taxi, who I call Signor TaxiCab Confessions, to drive us to the seaport in Marsala to pick up the sailboat.  Traveling with 3 Italians plus me – my husband and a married couple friends of ours. What’s the first question an Italian asks to break the ice? FOOD! Where can we get the best CIBO around here?  Spaghetti alla cernia, Spaghetti alla Vongole, Tonno fresco! Pane Buono!!!  Our Sicilian Taxi driver, who must remain unnamed or I might wake to find a horse head in my bed tonight, he filled us in on the best spots.  He leaned in close and said in his Italia Sicilian cadence, “Senta Don Armando, questo devi stare fra me e te.  Non dire a nessuno che ho detto io!”  Translates as “Now I am going to tell you these secrets, but don’t tell anybody that I told you or I will be in big trouble.”  TaxiCab Confessions! Sicilian Secrets… about food!  I am dying laughing in the back seat feeling like I’m in some scene in a Mafia movie.  Of course I can’t tell you what he said, but he was spot-on! Grazie!

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Sailing the Aegadian Islands – Favignana – Isole Egadi

Aegadian Islands |Isole Egadi - Favignana View from Above looking down at the town and port with all of the boats

On a private sailing trip around the Aegadian Islands / Isole Egadi I found favolosa Favignana… a paradise for sea-foodies, sun-worshipers, castle ruins, rocky beaches, & Sicilian Delights where every body is a comedian!  Welcome to Favignana, Sicily a chill-tastic island in the Aegadian Islands, Isole Egadi

What day is it? Is it Friday or Tuesday, can’t remember.  What’s the name of this island? The most common questions you will hear on any sailing or cruising trip!  To be honest, I didn’t even know these islands existed : Isole Egadi.  Where? Agadi… Egodi, Argandi… wherever!?!?! Let’s go! Andiamo !!!

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