Fantasy Fest Key West is a Sight to Sea

Fantasy Fest 2014 Key West Anime Themed Costumes

Fantasy Fest Key West is an Adult 10-Day Party of a Life-Time that every

very open-minded adult should experience at least once in their life!

Hugh Hefner and Ron Jeremy pictures with two hot sexy models at Fantasy Fest Key West 2014

Hugh Hefner (look-alike???), sexy Models & the one and only Ron Jeremy in attendance at Dante’s 8th Annual Halos & Horns Pool Party & Wet T-Shirt Contest

Fantasy Fest Key West is a Fabulous Festival if you are into Semi-Nudity, CosPlay, Libations, Theme-Parties, People Watching, BodyPainting & Island Life with a Twist!  This year I got to experience it first hand. Each day walking down Duval Street I felt like a kid with ADHD not able to concentrate on any one thing because there is so much over-stimulation with the creative costumes, the body painted individuals and all out debauchery.  I was amused with the different ranges of ages – costumed individuals as young and hot as 21 to as bold and proud in their 70’s.

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Top 5 Destinations to Re~Discover this Fall/Winter

San Gimignano top travel destinations

 a Special Feature for – Top Destinations to Go There

Wherever your dreams take you be sure to discover these

Out-of-This-World Destinations with me this Fall~Winter

A Special feature for “ – Top Destinations to Go There” Discover these unique destinations this Fall/Winter!

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10 Mythical Days in Mykonos Greece

Chora Mykonos Greece Town
This morning I woke up dreaming about her again.  It’s that recurring dream that arouses me out of bed since I left Mythical Mykonos Greece.  I am at Elia Beach. I walk to the water to cool off, feeling the hot sand burning the soles of my feet.  She is in the water refreshing my hot perspiring skin, caressing my legs.  I dive down deep into the crystal blue Aegean waters, filled with a sense of weightless ecstasy.  When I come up for air I am suddenly dancing in the club, surrounded by gorgeous clubbers…  20-40 something-year-old party-people in the middle of the dance club.  The loud pumping bass from the music vibrates my insides.  Where are my friends?  She takes my hand and pulls me towards the bar.  We drink shots of a Spanish Liquor called Licor 43, so sweet. I like the taste of the citrus vanilla on my tongue.  I want more.  We are dancing wildly together… I awaken with a grimacing smile.  She is still with me.  Her name is Danger.  She is the danger that lives and breathes, lurking in the corners of Mythical Mykonos Greece.  I long to see her again!  I will return to her, Dangerously Mythical Mykonos Greece!
Elia Beach Mykonos Greece is Dangerously Fun, Sexy & full of Life!

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Nammos – Gluttonous By the Sea – Mykonos on Psarou Beach

nammos mykonos Psarao Beach Logo

Nammos Restaurant & Beach Club is the hottest Sandy Playground for the VIP on Psarou Beach-Mykonos Greece. Nammos Restaurant By the Sea is Luxurious Gluttonous Mouth-Watering Excitement with an attitude.  The Greek Haute Cuisine restaurant serves delectable oral pleasures – fresh sushi, seafood, and unique plates for the high-end palate.  The haute beach club features sold-out decadent events and Super-Star Performance Artists. This is not the beach club to just throw on your bathing suit and go! This is Couture Cover-Ups , Salon Hair,  Louis Vuitton Beach Bags – Nammos Mykonos is Haute Entertainment Beach.

Nammos Restaurant By the Sea is the hottest Sandy Playground for the VIP on Psarou Beach-Mykonos Greece.

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Barcelona’s Basilica Sagrada Familia Artistic Wonder

Barcelona Basilica of the Sagrada Familia Suspended Crucifix
“Oh My God!” is all I could think as my jaw dropped to the floor, breathlessly I entered into the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona’s city center. My body covered in chill bumps and tears of joy welled up in my eyes. The Basillica of the Sagrada Familia is the most harmoniously astounding religious structure that I have ever stepped foot inside.  Words cannot describe the sheer feeling of peaceful serenity that engulfed me during my visit.
Barcelona Basilica of the Sagrada Familia Interior Magical Lighting Effects
Barcelona Basilica of the Sagrada Familia Exterior Sculpture

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