Le Club 55 St Tropez France

Le Club 55 St Tropez France, the view of the sign mixed in with the landscape

Le Club 55 St Tropez is the best place to dine in during a visit to the Ramatuelle Beachesfor a fabulous leisurely lunch.  Pronounced “Club Cinquante-cinq”, this beach-front restaurant is natural laid-back luxury at its finest.  Le Club 55 St Tropez features cozy dining tables placed right underneath the natural sea canopy of sea-trees intertwined with white canvas sunshades.  Nothing seems out-of-place, all in perfect harmony with the Mediterranean Seascape.  Your are welcomed by a wooden plank walkway that glides on top of the sand bordered by towering greenery from the trees.  Chic Beach-themed place-settings and blue table clothes adorn the tables.  After lunch, there is lounge seating by the bar with beach views.  Feel free to bring your dog, they even offer a less elegant “Dog Bar.”  Le Club 55 St Tropez is by far the best lunch spot along the Ramatuelle beaches for a long leisurely laid-back dining experience.

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Best Hookah Bar Lounge St Tropez – Le Petit Bar

Best bar lounge saint tropez

Looking for the Best Hookah bar lounge St Tropez? Au Petit Bar or Le Petit Bar has the most fantastic Bartenders, Elsa & Bruno who work magic in the already magical very petit lounge! The style of this bar lounge is very disco retro, & I believe it has looked like this for quite a while.  Stop in the bar and lounge while you enjoy some champagne, a hookah, and laughs with friends.  Le Petit Bar is a “Must!” when in Saint-Tropez.  We came to this tiny little lounge almost nightly because our friend has come here for over 20 years, changed owners many times but it’s still got the Original Disco Feel! A great place to chill and hang with the St Tropez locals.


Nikki Beach St Tropez France

Nikki Beach St Tropez France

Nikki Beach St Tropez France is where the serious party crowd goes to see and be seen!  They organize special Themed events like “White Parties” or “Gangster Parties,” really vibrant beach occasions.  We went for lunch on a Tuesday in May, to find it pretty much vacant and empty, likely too early in the season.  The property at Nikki Beach St Tropez France is very large with dining tables for dining and plenty of sunning lounge areas.  However, it seems as though it’s missing a crucial part of its name, The Beach.  We renamed it “Nikki-almost-at-the-Beach” because it really has no beach access at all.  There is another smaller beach club just in front of it that owns Nikki’s beach.  It’s actually just a pool club, but party happening & no one seemed to miss the beach, or the sobriety.

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Top 10 Tips on How to Dine in Italy like a True Italiano

How to Dine like a Real Italiano

1   Aperitivo – You can have a full dinner of light appetizers (usually pizza, pasta and bread based) when you pay for one drink in a bar or a lounge.  In any town in Italy ask the locals about the APERITIVO spot.  This is a usually the most swank bar or a lounge that entices people to come for a drink by spreading out an elaborate buffet on the bar starting around 6:30 pm until about 9 pm.  It’s the place where you come to meet your friends and have a cocktail or a glass of wine before heading off to dinner.  Today with Italy’s recession it has turned into the place you meet your friends to drink and eat for free.  The buffet is included for free with the purchase of just 1 drink.  Try a Negroni!

Aperitivo in Italy

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