ACDF to Relieve Cervical Herniated Disc – Pain in the Neck

cervical herniated disc

If you have ever experienced prolonged neck or back pain, my sincerest sympathies go out to you!  I had a cervical herniated disc – Its something that disturbs every aspect of daily – AND nightly existence.  It’s that nagging pain that keeps you awake at night not able to pay attention to anything that anyone is saying.  Look at that picture above… see how my spinal cord is ever so crooked there in the middle? … that is what you call a “Pain in the Neck!” That little imperfection caused me so much suffering for what seemed like an eternity, me not being me.

It showed its ugly face to me one morning. A day earlier I had enjoyed a full afternoon riding my moto-scooter through the glorious curvy Tuscan roads visiting vineyards and quaint Tuscan hill-towns with friends.  This particular morning I awoke with a slight back and neck ache… not any different from many other mornings; I sleep in weird curled-up positions & wake with random aches and pains.  I took some Advil, tried to walk it off, rubbed some ointment on my back… yet nothing could dull the agony.  The pain would not shut-up. Day after day, slightly worse, horrific, then unbearable.  After a week, I couldn’t feel my hand… numbness radiating into my left arm and hand. Frantically trying to restore my body, I sought out a masseuse to ease the tension in my muscles that were harder than Mount Rushmore.  After an hour of massage and feeling electricity shoot into my arm, I walked out of the massage in a stream of tears.  Massages are enlightening! This was sheer torture.  I knew right then that something was seriously wrong.

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Why I Stuffed my Boyfriend’s Body in the Trunk of My Car

1996 teal chevrolet cavalier trunk Red Velvet Voyage Why I stuffed my boyfriend into the trunk of my car
As a travel addict you will do anything to get to your final destination

This is the tale of my first desperate act in the name of travel addiction…

Ok, you caught me… I did it!  I stuffed the body of my 6′-10″ tall dark & handsome boyfriend into the trunk of my car.  So what?  I mean really, Haven’t you wanted to put your significant other in the trunk before?… locked up, no escaping… in control.  Bye-Bye Boyfriend.  And honestly I didn’t get into that much trouble.  I almost got kicked out of my Private-All-Girl-Baptist-College.  I had to go before the Board of Directors, the Student Council – and believe me that Student President was more like Student PrudaBitch! Dealing with her was the worst part of the entire incident.  I had to write a freaking essay about “How I am not Above the Law.”  I actually had to rewrite it a second time because they didn’t think my first attempt was sincere enough.  I spent endless hours serving community service with the head janitor and we pretty much just sat around shooting the shit and smoking cigarettes… And to top it off my boyfriend still loved me after it was all said and done!

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Ryan Seacrest Presents the Liebster Award to Red Velvet Voyage

liebster logo award

Fade In to the Liebster Award Ceremony:

LOCATION: Red Velvet Carpet in Cannes, France the 2014 Liebster Awards

OPENING SCENE: the audience is consumed by  the most elegantly dressed  VIP.  Ryan Seacrest announces this years honorable winner of the Liebster Award as Red Velvet Voyage.

Red Velvet Voyage dawned in her Red Velvet Red Carpet dress, after five hours of hair and make-up in “V” Salon… Tears roll down her cheeks as she enter stage right, she trips coming up the stage in that exaggerated Red Velvet evening gown by designer “V”.        “First off I would like to thank the young adorable Clay  of  Headed Abroad Travel Website for nominating me for the Liebster Award!”

Clay stops to catch his breath.  He leans in close to Red Velvet Voyage & assures her that no one saw her smash her face on that third step.  The Dashing young Clay in his black tuxedo passes the shining gold trophy award to Red Velvet Voyage along with a dozen RED roses.  He kisses the tears off her face as she stands thanking the applauding crowd…

[NOTE: well that’s how I saw it when I was awarded the Liebster Award! Red Carpet Red Velvet Baby And Nothing Less!]

In reality it went like this:

Clay: Hey, your blog is awesome & you win the Liebster Award from my nomination! Here’s your award and reply to my chain blog so you can get more followers!

Red Velvet Voyage: OK! Whatever… Thanks Cutie! …and then i think to myself, “What the Heck is Liebster Award?”

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Americans Put Ketchup on Everything!

Americans Put Catsup on Everything!

I was warned in advance, don’t sit beside any Italian Mamma at the dinner table; they will continuously shovel spoonfuls of food on your plate.  “Mangia! Mangia! Too skinny… you need to eat!”  It was the summer of 2003, one of the most scorching summers in Italy’s record the first time I met Grazia, my adorable Italian mother-in-law.  It was that night that I realized we Americans have a stereotypical obsession with ketchup!

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Life Works Best When We Prepare for the Unexpected

Life Works Best When We Prepare for the Unexpected.  The Path of Life is Unexpected

Did you ever really think your life would be what it is today? Did you plan it out to perfection only to realize the exact opposite of what you had always visioned? Trust me when I say, Life Works Best When We Prepare for the Unexpected.

You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.Paulo Coelho

For my entire life growing up, I always imagined I’d do everything the same way that my parents had, the “happily ever after” parts of course.  I’d be married by 24, have 3 kids, a girl and a boy and whatever came next.  I would be a professional Artist Type.  My husband would be just like my father: humorous, charming, and a super loving Life-of-the-Party!  I would be the best friends to my kids & so wise, speaking honesty from the heart, just like my mother!  My kids would be exceptional in school and quirky artsy with Mohawks and colored hair.

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