bucket list

Bucket List Sunset

Do you have a Bucket List? What do you want to accomplish or experience before you leave this planet? My bucket list is updated with new ideas as hear of new exciting ideas!  I have been around the world and done a lot of exciting things already but there is Always More to Accomplish!  Keep dreaming and pushing your passions!  Check out what’s left on my Bucket List:

Red Velvet Voyage Bucket List

  • fly a plane
  • own a bengal cat
  • become a mommy
  • play guitar
  • write a book
  • speak spanish
  • get my motorcycle license
  • visit Bhutan
  • act in a movie,  at least a small part
  • make a positive difference in peoples lives
  • keep traveling the world
  • see the Northern Lights


Red Velvet Voyage Bucket List Done & Checked off