Red Velvet Voyage is my Personal Travel Blog site
Red Velvet Voyage is a personal travel blog site where I share my random experiences.

Red Velvet Voyage is a personal travel blog site where I share my personal experiences, adventurous travels, and just funny randomness that occur in my life!  Personally, I am many people.  I am a LOVING WIFE to my Tuscan Italian hunk of a Man, going on ten years now.  I am a PROFESSIONAL VACATIONER and I take this job very seriously.  I am a FASHIONISTA who has an owned a luxury Italian Shoe-Tique and also worked as an Interior Designer.  I am a USA CITIZEN and soon to be ITALIAN CITIZEN.  I am a PARTY MONSTER in the sense that I love Electronic Dance Music (EDM) & DJ’s & Music Festivals & Going Out having fun in fabulous new places.  I am a very new SAILOR in that I assist my husband very well as a Skipper on our Sailing Trips. I am a HEALTH NUT not to extremes but to the point that I exercise frequently and really pay attention to what I put in my body – organic and a Veggie Smoothy to start my day.  I am a FOODIE and will seek out The Best Restaurants in my Travels.  Share my Voyages with me in my personal travel site!


Mom: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Me at 4 years old:  “I wanna be a turtle!  That way I can go anywhere I want to go and my house is already packed on my back.”


I was born a lil Southern Girl in Augusta GA, USA …The day that I was born horoscopically calls me a “Grounded Wanderer,” a lover of new experiences and travels!  I have always been addicted to travel always ready to get up and go ANYWHERE! Find out more and what your date of birth makes You!

My husband and I travel all over for vacation and for work.  We have a home in Atlanta, GA-USA that is rented out to celebrities in the entertainment industry for short term leases.  Our other home is an eclectic 1000 year old apartment in a tiny San Gimignano-ITALY.  We spend a lot of time on our old rickety sail boat docked in Key West, FL-USA.  We don’t sit too long in one place and are always ready for a new adventurous travel experience!  We usually start planning our next vacation while we are still enjoying a vacation.  We share a real passion for travel and love to experience all of the fabulous aspects of life!

So why read this personal travel site? Why Red Velvet Voyage?

…sheer entertainment hearing stories about an American Girl married to Italy!

…finding out The Best Exciting Places to Go on Vacation.  My style is adventurous luxurious with a Going Out Focus.  Take my travel advice if you like dining out & eating well, partying & EDM clubbing, beaches & sailing, riding motorcycles or scooters, the finer-funner aspects of life!

…to escape into my fantastical whimsical bubble brained world!










Still curious? Check out my Bucket List of things I want to do before I leave this amazing planet!