Coconuts Beach Bar on Kythnos Greece

Coconuts Beach Bar Kythnos Greek Island Cyclades Greece, Red Velvet Voyage's Sexy Bikini Model Vanessa Vinci

Sailing in the Cyclades Greek Islands

Destination – Kythnos Greece

I looked over at Vanessa and said, I bet you can talk to every single person you meet for the rest of your life & not one single person will have ever been to this place!  Talking about this remote address of palm trees & sand mixed with eclectic nautical lounge furniture and a 10′ x 10′ Cabana bar on Kythnos Greece Island in the middle of the Cyclades Greek Islands – Coconuts Beach Bar.  A must-see Sailor Destination while sailing in Kythnos Greece.

Coconuts Beach Bar Kythnos Greek Island Cyclades Greece

On a Sailing trip in the Cyclades, Kythnos Greece is worth a visit!  Most boats venture first to Kolona Beach, a  narrow strip of sand that forms a unique beach with water on both sides.  The beach connects the main land of Kythnos to a tiny island called Agios Loukas.   Kolona Beach one of the best of about 70 beaches on the island, also known as the most romantic beach.   In summer months it will be very crowded with anchored boats.  The waters are crystal clear and protected by the land on three sides.Isthmus of Kolona on Kythnos Greece is a popular boating destination on a tour of Kythnos in the Greek Cyclades Islands

After a visit to Kolona Beach head inland towards Apokrousi Kythos, a secluded bay with crystal clear waters and one of the largest beaches on the island, Apokrousi Beach.  There are two Greek Tavernas and one brand new quirky beach bar, Coconuts Beach Bar (opened July 2014).  The beach itself is accessible by boat & by land passing a very steep barren mountain road. Sunset provides a magnificent view looking out at the boats anchored at Kolona Beach.

Sunset looking out at the Aegean Sea from Coconuts Beach Bar Kythnos Greek Island Cyclades Greece

Coconuts Beach Bar Kythnos Greek Island Cycladed Greece - Owners at the Bar Serving Fantastic CocktailsCoconuts Beach Bar is an oasis for thirsty Sailors craving some land-loving thrills! Young & creative entrepreneurs Dimitris and Spiros recently brought to life a very swanky stylish beach lounge;  the setting is sandy sexy fun.  Coconuts Beach Bar on Kythnos Greece features a free-standing Cabana Bar, a mini-cafe offering snacks, clean restrooms, a wide open sandy playground of eclectic lounge seating, shaded hammocks & even offers a palm-tree shower out back!

DJ Dimitris & Shot-Master Spiros are the ultimate Greek Hosts !  DJ Dimitris filled the Apokrousi Kythos Beach air with high-energy electronic music!  Shot-Master Spiros made sure everyone on Kythnos Greece were never thirsty!  One of his specialty shots included a honey ouzo doused with a drop of a spicy sauce – Hot Sweetness!  The shots were flowing and the music was pumping!

My favorite lounging area features a covered old boat turned into a couch and has a Sailing Helm (Stearing Wheel) for great Photo opportunities!

Coconuts Beach Bar Kythnos Greek Island Cyclades Greece You can lounge in a Boat that they transformed into a couch

Coconuts Beach Bar Kythnos Greek Island Cyclades Greece Eclectic Lounge Seating

Coconuts beach bar is located on Kythnos Greece in Apokrousi Kythos.

Open from May through October.

For more information and details for events find them on FaceBook at:

Coconuts Beach Bar Kythnos Greek Island Cyclades Greece Building with restroom facilities and a mini-cafeCoconuts Beach Bar Kythnos Greek Island Cyclades Greece CocunutsBB Sign