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Nammos Restaurant & Beach Club is the hottest Sandy Playground for the VIP on Psarou Beach-Mykonos Greece. Nammos Restaurant By the Sea is Luxurious Gluttonous Mouth-Watering Excitement with an attitude.  The Greek Haute Cuisine restaurant serves delectable oral pleasures – fresh sushi, seafood, and unique plates for the high-end palate.  The haute beach club features sold-out decadent events and Super-Star Performance Artists. This is not the beach club to just throw on your bathing suit and go! This is Couture Cover-Ups , Salon Hair,  Louis Vuitton Beach Bags – Nammos Mykonos is Haute Entertainment Beach.

Nammos Restaurant By the Sea is the hottest Sandy Playground for the VIP on Psarou Beach-Mykonos Greece.

The first day we arrived in Mykonos, I got the 411 on all the beaches from our Villa Manager.  Which Beach is for Chillaxing, for partying, for lying nude, for being gay?  Where to avoid the wasted 20-somethings young insane crowd. Our property manager Kannelos advised us to go to Elia Beach, Panormos Beach, Super Paradise Beach, and you are gonna love Nammos-Restaurant By The Sea on VIP beach-Psarou Beach.  He said, “However, be careful on Mykonos beaches bc you can spend anywhere from €4 per sun bed up €200 per sun bed.  Be sure to ask the price before you sit all day!”

Nammos Mykonos is Haute Entertainment VIP Beach on Psarou Beach . Pack your Party Vibe in your Couture Designer Beach Bag.

Trying to save the best for last, the girls and I ventured over to Nammos-Restaurant By The Sea on our 9th day in Mykonos, aka Gluttonous Island, Greece.  Upon arrival overwhelmed with a sketchy ‘about-to-get-scammed’ feeling.  I overheard multiple groups of people complaining that they had reserved through their hotel and yet their reservation was given away bc they didn’t arrive before 11 am.   Who wakes up before 11 am in Mykonos anyway?   I approached the drop-dead gorgeous model-looking hostess with ear piece and walkie-talkie for a few sun-beds for the day.

Me: Do you have three available sun beds for the day?

Nammos Hostess: Not right now.  Go wait at the bar and we will come get you when one is available.

God knows I had already drank enough cocktails the previous night and was not ready to dive head first into cocktails at the bar that early in my Mykonos day.

Me: Do you have any idea how long the wait will be?

Nammos Hostess: Maybe an hour, a couple of hours, maybe never.

WTF?  So I could be sitting here drinking €25 cocktails for hours at the Nammos Bar when all I want to do is relax on the beach. No thank you!

Me: How much do the Sun Beds Cost anyway?  The ones I might get in a couple of hours after I stumble out of the bar?

Nammos Hostess: I don’t know. Ask the Manager.

Me: Where’s the Manager?

Nammos Hostess: I don’t know. I can’t find him.

Really?  I search around for a while asking the employees, and no single employee  seems to know the price of the sun beds!  How is that even possible?  Don’t you people work here?  Maybe the change the prices daily- IDK! Eventually I learn from someone who the beds this day are €45 for 2 beds and an umbrella.  Ok, not €200…

Nammos Restaurant & Beach Club is the hottest Sandy Playground for the VIP on Psarou Beach-Mykonos. Nammos is Luxurious Gluttonous Mouth-Watering Excitement

At Nammos, I didn’t feel like I was in a Greek Island anymore, more like I was in Greed Island.  There were no kitty cats brushing my chair legs begging for table scraps.  The experience is more like in ritzy Saint Tropez at all three of my favorite beach clubs: Le Club 55 and Nikki Beach and  Bagatelle. On the wine list they have a bottle of champagne that you can buy for €80,000 among many other home mortgage prices. Let me break that down for you in USA.  €80,000 is equal to $172,000. Opa!!! I hope its insured!  Sitting in the Lounge area of the bar were the most elaborate Glass Hookahs or Fish Bowls, or both!!!  A closer look inside the glass water-filled base of the Hookah housed a poor unsuspecting little fish.  Do I need to call PETA?  I’m pretty sure they relocate the fish before smoking, but I didn’t stick around to see…

Once we finally got situated in our plush sun beds, it was an ultra-chill afternoon surrounded by the sexiest haute bodies in Mykonos.  Great people watching all around us.  The breeze was kind and the music was a chill blend of  beach lounge and Brazilian Jazz-Bossa-Nova.

On a girls trip… and what do girls do?  Seek out Boys! and what happens in Mykonos stays in Mykonos… but we ended up hanging out with this group of Italian guys from Napoli – half of the tourists in Mykonos are from Naples, Italy almost as if the Naples Government hands out free flights to the youth just to have a quiet summer intermission.  We dined with them in the restaurant which was featuring a special DJ in the evening, Vassili Tsilichristos.  The term “Dining” is an overstatement! We did consume food and beverages in Nammos restaurant.  However most of the dining experience entailed dancing barefoot on the table in the midst of Veuve Clicquot Champagne Showers! Bottle after bottle spraying everyone in Veuve’s way. DJ Vassili Tsilichristos was killing it! The evening was a provocative raging night in Nammos – most certainly Gluttonous By the Sea.  We certainly did save the Best for Last – Nammos Restaurant By the Sea was a Mykonos night of a Lifetime!  Make sure you reserve a day at the Gluttonous Mouth Watering Psarou Beach.

nammos Restaurant By the Sea on a Party Vibe day in Psarou Beach mykonos Dancing on the tables  with Veuve Clicquot Champagne Showers

Since 2003

..when Nammos first opened its doors, every summer is a story of its own!

Since its beginning, Nammos has become one of the most famous beach restaurants in Europe and a beloved destination for locals and visitors from around the world. Located on the beautiful Psarou beach in Mykonos, it combines culinary excellence and impeccable service with stunning views of the crystal blue waters and an incredible ambience.

Praised by international press, not only for top quality food and service, but also for a party atmosphere that is second to none, Nammos welcomes you to come and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.

While at Nammos, you can enjoy a nice sushi platter at your sunbed, while sipping your champagne cocktail. In our restaurant, you may try special dishes cooked to perfection and dance to the tunes of the best DJs around.

nammos Restaurant By the Sea on a Party Vibe day in Psarou Beach mykonos Dancing on the tables  with Veuve Clicquot Champagne Showers

nammos mykonos Psarou Beach Logo

Nammos has a wide-range of events for the Luxury-Beacher.  Be sure to check out their Events page to plan your perfect day.  For Details on Special Events:

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