Gym Mykonos Comes to you on your Holiday in Mykonos

Pilates Gym Mykonos Reto Dumeng trains Red Velvet Voyage on a private terrace in Mykonos poolside Villa
Pilates Mykonos by Reto Dumeng is a Mobile Gym Mykonos Greece
that comes to you to offer healthy fitness workouts at your holiday accommodations.
Mobile Gym Mykonos Pilates Mykonos Greece Europe by Reto Dumeng in our private villa pool overlooking the Aegean Sea
What comes to mind when you here the word, MYKONOS?  white-washed houses with blue shutters, Luxury VIP Greek Island, Greek tavernas, partying beach clubs, gay bars, late night clubbing and bar hopping, sexy bodies in bikinis on the white sandy beaches?  Well… you better find a way to stay physically fit on your Mykonos vacation to keep up with the hot sexy bodies!
Mobile Gym Mykonos Pilates Mykonos Greece Europe by Reto Dumeng in our private villa pool overlooking the Aegean Sea

The best Gym in Mykonos is Pilates Mykonos.  Owner Reto Dumeng came to our private villa to kick our butts & core into shape with a 75 minute private Pilates workout.  I found him online at – the inspiring way to enjoy a personalized training during your holiday.  We emailed back and forth and agreed to meet up once our group arrived on the island of Mykonos, Greece.  It was an absolute pleasure to workout by our private pool with Reto.  He is peacefully energetic; I immediately trusted his guidance and felt like we could have been long-lost friends.  My body was in need of a great physical training after a couple of days of lounging beach-side sipping sweet syrupy cocktails & munching on Greek Salads and Seafood.  He arrived in the afternoon to our private villa and supplied mats and weights and specific Pilates gear.  Before we began he asked us questions about our Pilates Level and how intense we wanted to workout.  We certainly asked for it!  Believe me my body was aching for the following two days thanks to his intense workout.  Our private pool overlooking the Aegean Sea was transformed into a Luxurious Private Gym Mykonos.

reto dumeng owner of a Mobile Gym Mykonos Pilates Mykonos
After our workout I sat down with Reto and really got to know him better.  He has a great business ethic and a fabulous attitude, visible in his pearly white smile!  He is originally from Switzerland and been in the fitness industry for over twenty years.  He comes to the beaches of Mykonos each season to offer his amazing Mobile Gym Mykonos offering Pilates workouts or any specialized physical training.  He spends his winters offering his Physical Fitness expertise to the Snow Bunnies in Switzerland.  Due to his Swiss upbringing he is fluent in English, German, French, Italian, & Spanish.  He has even developed a new version of Pilates called, BodyJazz which incorporated Pilates synchronized to the rhythm of music!  Reto Dumeng of Pilates Mykonos is your Mobile Gym in Mykonos to keep your bikini bod, or speedo six pack hot on the Mykonos Beaches!
Mobile Gym Mykonos Pilates Mykonos Greece Europe by Reto Dumeng in our private villa pool overlooking the Aegean Sea

Personal Pilates

The classical Pilates mat training with equipment like fitness-circle, roller, ball etc. – personalized on your body and your ambitions.

Pilates based Power Training

A new healthy and effective way of muscle training – outdoor or in a gym – based on the Pilates principles of stabilisation of the posture.

Free Pilates in Nature

A creative outdoor Pilates training that includes the natural surroundings as opportunities for exercises.

Pilates for Men

A Pilates mat class specifically adapted to the male body and the men‘s fitness goals.


In this choreographed workout you practise flowing Pilates exercises to the rhythm of music. Enjoy the beauty of the movement.


Red Velvet Voyage and Reto Dumeng of Pilates Mykonos your Mobile Gym in Mykonos


contact Reto Dumeng online at

+30 694 6670 594

Pilates reto dumeng Mobile Gym Mykonos Bikini Beach Workout Fitness by the Aegean Sea