Ryan Seacrest Presents the Liebster Award to Red Velvet Voyage

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Fade In to the Liebster Award Ceremony:

LOCATION: Red Velvet Carpet in Cannes, France the 2014 Liebster Awards

OPENING SCENE: the audience is consumed by  the most elegantly dressed  VIP.  Ryan Seacrest announces this years honorable winner of the Liebster Award as Red Velvet Voyage.

Red Velvet Voyage dawned in her Red Velvet Red Carpet dress, after five hours of hair and make-up in “V” Salon… Tears roll down her cheeks as she enter stage right, she trips coming up the stage in that exaggerated Red Velvet evening gown by designer “V”.        “First off I would like to thank the young adorable Clay  of  Headed Abroad Travel Website for nominating me for the Liebster Award!”

Clay stops to catch his breath.  He leans in close to Red Velvet Voyage & assures her that no one saw her smash her face on that third step.  The Dashing young Clay in his black tuxedo passes the shining gold trophy award to Red Velvet Voyage along with a dozen RED roses.  He kisses the tears off her face as she stands thanking the applauding crowd…

[NOTE: well that’s how I saw it when I was awarded the Liebster Award! Red Carpet Red Velvet Baby And Nothing Less!]

In reality it went like this:

Clay: Hey, your blog is awesome & you win the Liebster Award from my nomination! Here’s your award and reply to my chain blog so you can get more followers!

Red Velvet Voyage: OK! Whatever… Thanks Cutie! …and then i think to myself, “What the Heck is Liebster Award?”


So then I decide to look into this Liebster Award.  To tell you honestly, I got sucked in when Clay tweeted me saying

  Libster Award It is! I can’t wait to read your answers :). It’s always inspirational.

twitter @headedabroad

What’s so inspirational about these silly questions?  I read on in-depth into Clay’s website and immediately felt like I knew him and wanted to give him a huge hug & buy him a ticket to travel around the world!  I urge you to read his emotional and brutally honest remarks about why he began his blog… like he said IT IS truly inspirational:


Q & A

1. What is your inspiration for traveling?

It depends on where I am going & which modes of transport I take.  Travel is in our everyday life! I travel on my bicycle for physical freedom, my motor scooter for exhilarating speed, my sailboat for naps and natural peaceful beauty, airplanes to arrive long distances, big Question!  I travel within my mind in daydreams and fantasies for inner fun!  I travel because I am alive!

2. What has been the hardest part about beginning your blog?

Everything that I do not know in the beginning is the most difficult.  For example, The most difficult part about beginning my blog was learning about blogging in general & then understanding the “How To’s” in website creation.  Luckily I decided on WordPress because its very user-friendly. I am focussed now on setting everything up in away that will hopefully attract new readers based on SEO, Search Engine Optimization.  Once I get that down, there will be another blogging skill to learn to make my blogging life difficult again.  But I enjoy the challenges!  If I think back to this past April/May when I was trying to set up my website now and learning how to do each detail properly by watching YouTube tutorials, there were days when I wanted to give up entirely.  Now its a breeze and I really enjoy creating new posts.  So for those who want to start a blog… I say GO FOR IT!  Make sure you have a good deal of spare time to focus on your venture because there is so much to learn on the back-end.  Blogging has genuinely changed my life for the better.    Now I look at every life situation as a possible Blog Post and everything before my eyes is that next great photograph.  It has really changed they way I look at daily life in general.

3. When you started traveling, what was your biggest fear?

Running out of money and not wanting to come home!

4. What is the coolest travel experience you have had?

The first real Sailing experience with my husband bringing our old rickety sailboat from Cocoa Beach to Key West Florida.  That sailing trip was a life-changing experience in many ways, it’s the reason I began my blog. As a gal who gets sea-sick, having no prior knowledge of sailing or mapping, I learned an amazing amount about myself,  and found a new love for sailing and the waters.  

We bought an old 1972 Colombia sailboat and worked on it fixing it up for about a year.  As it was finished we were determined to take it down to Key West as its new home.  Along the way we had so many obstacles and near-death experiences… Also we shared an amazing 20 plus days together just me and my Captain!  So many stories but you have to wait to read the book!  This blogging is my practice writing to eventually arrive to the novel!

5. What do you want to achieve with your blog and what steps are you taking to achieve them?

My motivation for blogging is to become a better writer to ultimately have a published fictional novel, although most of my stories come from real-life situations.  So if you are in my social circles look out, you might just become a character!  Actually you probably already are a “character” or else I wouldn’t be hanging out with you!  My blog is my practice round.  If you know me and you don’t read my blog, better for you!  I began the blog after an author friend of mine was in the publishing phase of her novel.  She said, “You have to have a blog…to build your following so that when its game day, you have a list of interested readers as ammunition for that Published Novel.”  So I am writing, and using SEO to see what people really care to hear.  So far I have only written about random travel experiences… but I have a lot more private emotional stories brewing in my blog pot that I am waiting for the courage to publish.  Putting my deepest fears and concerns out in the open to the entire world up for rejection and criticism is the terrifying part.  But I know that is where my connection will come from.  Its easy and fun to tell you where to go on vacation and what activities you should do.  This is just my beginning and I am secure that my voice will evolve over time!

6. How do you feel that you connect with your readers?

You mean reader, singular, right?  Honestly, at this early point I think my only readers are my mother and my dearest friend.  I daily look at my JetPack & Google Analytics Site Stats and see where google searches and random readers come from.  I make note of what posts get the most hits… thats my daily connection, what draws readers.

7. What are you the most passionate about in life?

I am most passionate about living life to the fullest.  The Pursuit of Happiness!  I realize that life is short and if I don’t do everything that I can today, I might miss out!  I want to go everywhere, try everything, and really experience all that is available.  I love my friends and my family, animals, random strangers.  I have a very optimistic look on life and try to see the best in everything, often to my demise- never give up!  I am passionate in my marriage & the love that we have.  Tradition, positivity, respect, family, love…

8. If you could give one travel mistake to avoid, what would it be?

Kind of confused by the question, meaning have I made this mistake or can I tell people what not to do even if it has never happened to me?  Ok Ill practice my deep truths, in a fictional way to change the names and places that might incriminate me…. and Mom, stop reading this paragraph here!  This message goes out to all the girls and women traveling alone or together as girls.  DO NOT TRUST ANY GUY YOU MEET IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY!!!  This is especially true for American girls.  In USA, we are blessed with such strict laws and punishments that if someone breaks a law, he/she will be punished.  Other countries might look the other way.  One time, at band camp… I was traveling with my really good girlfriend.  We were out to dinner, then went to cool bars, and we met this really nice guy who was so kind and showed us the VIP of this club, the VIP of that club.  He was interested in our conversations… as we thought.  NOPE! By the end of this night, we were in front of a Predator… talking about being slipped the date rape drug.  Thank God nothing  terrible happened, not getting into any more details, but girls trust me, watch your back and DO NOT trust anyone when you travel!

9. What blogging moment are you the most proud of?

Id have to say just creating my site that is looking good and working.  I have just now got it where I am happy with how its going…Im easy to please!  Looking forward to many more Blog-achievements

10. When did the travel bug bite you?

at birth… ready to go.  The day that I was born is called the day of the Wanderer… I have always wanted to go and see and do!  It seems the more I travel the more I want to keep going and experiencing.

11. How has travel made you a better person?

In so many ways that I can’t get into them all!  Travel is essential to emotional, spiritual and self-growth

  • “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine
In my opinion Travel diminishes prejudices, opens minds to different cultures, and truly evolves our souls.  The more I travel the more I love the USA yet realize so many things that lack in the USA.  I am married to an Italian and spend half the year in our home in Tuscany surrounded by his child-hood friends, his entire family… my new family, my new friends.  I have two completely different lives that I can never fully explain to my American family/friends nor could I ever expect my Italian family to fully comprehend.  You have to live it to fully capisce!  I am going to take a step further into your question to, because travel changes us internally.  Sometimes in ways that we cannot go back to where we came from.  Travel is such a powerful force of nature! Sometimes TRAVEL creates chemical changes that can never return to our normal original existence.  Once you begin, who knows where you will LAND!

Rules of acceptance & nomination Liebster Award:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated me for the Liebster Award– Thanks Clay! see above
  2. I gotta nominate five bloggers to win the Liebster Award see Nominees below
  3. Answer the 11 questions provided by my nominator. see my responses above
  4. Ask 11 new questions to my nominees see below

I am proud to nominate the following fantastic Bloggers to become the  newest Winners of the Liebster Award!!!  Congratulations to the following bloggers:

Captain & Clark ~ an extremely adorable & hilarious young travel blogging couple who met while hiking to the top of Mount Kilamanjaro who got engaged at the Taj Mahal.  Tawny Clark & Captain Chris Staudinger bring humor and extreme excitement into their travels.  Not only are they great bloggers, they also create laugh-out-loud YouTube Videos.


How To Trap a Man ~ Janet Powell has a fiancé who is 14 years younger and she explains her secrets to holding on to her hot younger man through tips she calls Cooking Good While Looking Good!


Stuck In Customs ~ Trey Ratcliff is a humble yet very talented photographer!  He has the #1 Travel Photography Blog on the internet.  He inspires us all with daily photographs  & shares insights into his photography secrets through his blog titled, Stuck In Customs.


Baskets Life Travel ~ Stacey is the wife of a professional basketball player in Europe.  She is raising their two sons in Germany and is living the life of a European Princess!


Surfing the Planet ~ Rachele Cervaro & Gábor Kovács travel the globe together and are currently enjoying their freedoms in Asia.  They are travel partners who recently completed a three continent adventure


Please check out their blogs and you too will see what I think they deserve the Liebster Award!

Congratulations Winners!!!  Winners please answer the following questions in your acceptance post:

  1. Why did you start this blog?
  2. What has been your one of your most memorable travel experiences.
  3. What are you passionate about?
  4. What is a great memory from your past?
  5. What is one thing you would like to learn how to do but have not yet attempted?
  6. Who from your life has been your inspiration?
  7. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
  8. What do you want to achieve with your blog and what steps are you taking to meet them?
  9. How do you feel you connect with your readers.
  10. Which actor/actress would you want to play your part in your autobiographical movie?
  11. What would you movie-title would you give to your Biography Movie?