Ryan Seacrest Presents the Liebster Award to Red Velvet Voyage

liebster logo award

Fade In to the Liebster Award Ceremony:

LOCATION: Red Velvet Carpet in Cannes, France the 2014 Liebster Awards

OPENING SCENE: the audience is consumed by  the most elegantly dressed  VIP.  Ryan Seacrest announces this years honorable winner of the Liebster Award as Red Velvet Voyage.

Red Velvet Voyage dawned in her Red Velvet Red Carpet dress, after five hours of hair and make-up in “V” Salon… Tears roll down her cheeks as she enter stage right, she trips coming up the stage in that exaggerated Red Velvet evening gown by designer “V”.        “First off I would like to thank the young adorable Clay  of  Headed Abroad Travel Website for nominating me for the Liebster Award!”

Clay stops to catch his breath.  He leans in close to Red Velvet Voyage & assures her that no one saw her smash her face on that third step.  The Dashing young Clay in his black tuxedo passes the shining gold trophy award to Red Velvet Voyage along with a dozen RED roses.  He kisses the tears off her face as she stands thanking the applauding crowd…

[NOTE: well that’s how I saw it when I was awarded the Liebster Award! Red Carpet Red Velvet Baby And Nothing Less!]

In reality it went like this:

Clay: Hey, your blog is awesome & you win the Liebster Award from my nomination! Here’s your award and reply to my chain blog so you can get more followers!

Red Velvet Voyage: OK! Whatever… Thanks Cutie! …and then i think to myself, “What the Heck is Liebster Award?”

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