Best New Restaurant San Gimignano San Martino 26

Best New Restaurant San Gimignano San Martino 26 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with San Gimignano Mayor, Sindaco Giacomo Bassi & Mrco Lisi along with owners Fabio & Lidia and family - Emma Pernarella, Elisa Pernarella, Ardit Curri

Gourmet Restaurateurs Fabio and Lidia have outdone themselves with their new restaurant in San Gimignano San Martino 26 – San Martino Venti-Sei.   The  new restaurant shares the name of the address, San Martino 26 San Gimignano, Tuscany Italy.  The menu is a contemporary twist on Tuscan Cuisine, perfect when you are turned off by the typical Tuscan menu.  Fabio says his inspiration for the menu was “Passion for the Palate.”  Every plate is specifically created to arouse a new sense of edible enjoyment.  The ingredients are prodotti artigianale direct from the Tuscan Contadino, farm-to-table, the freshest elements direct from the farmer to your plate!

Best New Restaurant San Gimignano San Martino 26 - Crepe Bundle filled with Rabbit and topped with delicate Creme of Leek Suace - Il fagottino di Coniglio su fondente di porri

Best New Restaurant San Gimignano San Martino 26 The Staff at the opening of the Tuscan Fine-Dining Ristorante

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Marettimo – Sailing the Isole Egadi – Aegadian Islands

Marettimo Island Sicily | Marettimo Isole Egadi | Arriving into the Charming Port by Sailboat

The reason that we decided to come Sailing in the Aegadian Islands in the first place was on friend’s recommendation.  Every year they go to Marettimo for a week on holiday.  They said, “You have to eat at La Scaletta, and say hello to Giovanni!”

So like I do before any trip, I check it out on Wikipedia for any fun facts and history bits to impress my travel companions & then on Trip Advisor: best places to eat, sleep, & do.  Its my pre-travel regimen.  Wikipedia enlightens me on the fact that there is a mere 300 residents.  My High-school student-body consisted of over 800 kids!  Trip Advisor informs me, “We’re sorry but Marettimo doesn’t have any hotels.” They have a couple of Bed & Breakfasts and less than 10 restaurants.  Forget any nightlife!  Blaspheme!!!!  That’s a desolate Isle, remote and barely inhabited!  I read on in the attractions- Visita alle grotte di Marettimo con le barche dei pescatori… WICKED!  Explore the interior of the Mountain’s Caves in a local fisherman’s boat! Marettimo just became Top of my To Do list!

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Ice Hotel Sweden to Celebrate New Years Eve 2013-2014

Kiruna Sweden Ice Hotel Unicorn Sculpture

Destination Ice Hotel Sweden in Kiruna

to Celebrate New Years Eve 2013-2014

After many times hearing of the Ice Hotel Sweden I always thought it would be a COOL place to visit.  It’s an extreme destination, over-the-top-artistic-quirky, AND you can drink Absolute Vodka shots out of Frozen-Ice-Shot-Glasses in the Absolute Vodka Ice Bar!!! Ice Hotel Sweden is a remarkably unique place to visit, once.  Check that off my Bucket List!  Snowy Icy Darkness-Filled Fantasy Land…. The amazing ice sculptures, barely two hours of daylight, Snowmobiling through the woods in search of the Aurora Borealis, hiking through the snow, learning about the Sami Culture – the nomadic reindeer herders, racing a sled pulled by reindeer, Lingonberry Juice, quaint town of Kiruna, tiny village of Jukkasjarvi, dog sleds….

ice hotel Sweden bed made of Ice & coverered with Reindeer Hide

ice hotel Sweden bed made of Ice & coverered with Reindeer Hide

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