Zip Lining Cancun Mexico at Selvatica Cancun Adventure

Red Velvet Voyage is a personal travel blog site where I share my random experiences. This is me Zip-Lining in Cancun

I got to experience Zip Lining Cancun Mexico at Selvatica Cancun Adventure during a group vacation in March 2013.  I could only rally up two other friends to join me because the others from the group had either already been Zip-Lining or had no desire to fly above the trees in the jungle like monkeys on cables.  The part that keeps us laughing today is that My girlfriend who I coerced to join last minute was dressed for a day at the pool, not for outdoor adventure.  She went Zip Lining in Wedge Heels!  Rock-On Amiga – My Fashionista Adventurista!!! A great day trip into the Mexican Jungle, I was most impressed swimming in the Cenote and being entertained by the Fabulous Crew at Selvatica Cancun.

About an hour-long bus ride from the Chaotic Party & Hotel Scene in Cancun, it’s a quick escape to the Mexican Jungle.  Upon Arrival, Selvatica Zip Lining Cancun has somewhat of a Commercialized-Vibe to it, but also taken as reassuring seeing how I am flying above the trees in the Jungle.   The absolute best part about Zip Lining Cancun Selvatica was the extraverted friendly and hilarious crew!  They certainly made our day a fun & adventurous experience!  While I was up Zip-Lining some of the staff would come up behind me and flip me upside down and sideways!  Everyone had some funny comment or joke to add to the days Fun!

After the hour Zip Lining tour, whisked away in Army Jeeps and taken off to the natural Cenote, which was my favorite part of the Adventure!  We took turns pretending to be Tarzan of the Jungle by swinging from vines and plunging down into the chilly Cenote water.  In my opinion the Cenote was more of a rush than the Zip Lining only because of all of the harnesses and security gear required in the Zip Lining experience.

Cenote ~ is a natural pit or sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. Wikipedia

After Zip Lining Cancun and playing Tarzan in the Cenote, We chillaxed in the Outdoor Jungle Dining Room! We chowed down on a light Mexican meal & savored some Tequilalicious Margaritas!  Surrounding us were all sorts of  curious wildlife creatures.  Thanks guys for an amazing day in the jungle, up in the trees, and swimming in the cenote. We felt very safe and had a blast!!!

You gotta try Zip Lining Cancun at Selvatica!

PS~ Tarzan, you are my hot hero!