Nikki Beach St Tropez France

Nikki Beach St Tropez France

Nikki Beach St Tropez France is where the serious party crowd goes to see and be seen!  They organize special Themed events like “White Parties” or “Gangster Parties,” really vibrant beach occasions.  We went for lunch on a Tuesday in May, to find it pretty much vacant and empty, likely too early in the season.  The property at Nikki Beach St Tropez France is very large with dining tables for dining and plenty of sunning lounge areas.  However, it seems as though it’s missing a crucial part of its name, The Beach.  We renamed it “Nikki-almost-at-the-Beach” because it really has no beach access at all.  There is another smaller beach club just in front of it that owns Nikki’s beach.  It’s actually just a pool club, but party happening & no one seemed to miss the beach, or the sobriety.

We returned to Nikki Beach Saturday afternoon after a fabulous afternoon at Bagatelle Beach Club, a five-minute walk from door to door.  The guys beside us at the table at Bagatelle Beach told us that the party at Nikki Beach St Tropez gets started later and to stop in after lunch.  He was absolutely correct.  It was a complete different scene from Tuesday.  There was champagne flowing! Literally this one table had ordered about 20 bottles of champagne and had a champagne-bottle-mound-display to prove it.  I think half of the time they were shaking the bottles up and pouring them on each other… note these bottles run a minimum of 300 euro, so these kids must be made of money!

as the song by DJ Antoine goes


Welcome to St. Tropez

Get fresh, gotta stay fly
Get the jet I gotta stay high
High up like a la la la
Ain’t nothin here that my money can’t buy
Dolce, Gucci and Louis V
Yacht so big I could live out in the sea

Woah, party now
Too much money in the bank account
Hands in the air make you scream and shout
When we’re in St. Tropez
Woah, party now
Spending money in a large amount

DJ Antoine

Check out Nikki Beach St Tropez France, but I recommend you go when it’s at its height of ‘Party-Almost-Beach!’

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