Best Places to Dine and Party on Vacation in St Tropez France

Best Places to Dine and Party in St Tropez France. Romantic Mediterranean Architecture overlooking the Historic Port of Saint Tropez

Best Places to Dine and Party like a VIP on vacation in St Tropez France.

Just back from a 3-day trip to St Tropez, a week later!  There was too much fun to be had to leave after only 3 days.  Each day after spending a beautiful afternoon strolling the quaint narrow streets or relaxing at a VIP beach bar we would call the hotel, “Is it possible that we can extend our stay for one more night?”

“Oui Oui Madam!  But of Course!” …only because it is May, early in the season.  Next day same beach buzz, same story… by the third day the front desk was calling to ask, “One more night madam?”

Oui Oui!

Everyone had said, St Tropez is too chic, and too crowded super-busy with all the VIP’s.  I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.   Upon arrival, fell in love with the tiny narrow marbled streets, the lively cafe’s & restaurants, the shoebox sized boutiques with the most delicate couture fashion, the romantic pastel shades of Mediterranean architecture, and especially the elegantly chic beach clubs and nightclubs.  J’aime Saint Tropez!

I met my girlfriend there who wanders there every year after stopping for work in Cannes for the May Film Festival, right on her birthday! This calls for a celebration!!! POP! goes the champagne bottles, and then laughter, pomme frites, just-caught seafood, strolling past all of the cafes lined with people and entertainers, laid-back luxurious times.  She was my tour guide, and a fabulous one at that.  She knew all the best places to go and at just the right times!

Looking for the Best Places to Dine and Party on Vacation in St Tropez, France? I suggest the following places:

  • EAT & PLAY – Bagetelle Beach Club, Saint Tropez … party scene & fantastic Seafood
  • EAT & PLAY – Nikki Beach at St Tropez … skip the food, go for the drinks 7 party scene
  • EAT & PLAY – L’Opera Saint Tropez … brand new all-white super chic dining along the Historic Port
  • EAT – Le Club 55 … long leisurely lunch
  • EAT – Le Banh-Hoi … amazing Thai Food in the Historic Center, stunning restaurant
  • EAT – L’ Aventure …exquisite eclectic cuisine & YaYa the uber-hospitable multi-lingual owner got us up dancing to “Welcome to St Tropez” after the other guests had left! We had our own private dance club.
  • DRINK – Au Petit Bar / Le Petit Bar … tiny hookah bar and locals scene in Historic Port w a Disco Vibe
  • DRINK – BLEU … very chic little lounge for cocktails and snacks
  • DRINK – Chez Garcon Cabaret / Drag Show … great little spot that just opened with a Drag Show Performance act and super dark interior with lit up Shiny star ceiling
  • PLAY – Les Caves Du Roy at Bylbos Hotel … one of the hottest clubs in Saint Tropez, don’t go before midnight and have cocktails before you arrive, the cheapest drink is 25 euro. I spent 25 euro on 1 bottle of Corona.   Really!
  • SLEEP – Hotel le Yaca … adorable quaint 5-Star hotel in the Historic District to walk to everything. The feeling is very home-like comfort and artistically unique.
  • SLEEP – Hotel Des Lices … quaint hotel with a great pool lounge in walking distance to all of the action, steps away from the Morning Market.
Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.  Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat. Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat. Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.
Viva La France!! Saint Tropez France

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