Gary Goldschneider calls me a “Grounded Wanderer”

Gary Goldschneider calls me a "Grounded Wanderer" Red Velvet Voyage is a personal travel blog site where I share my random experiences. Here I am on a scooter on a day ride in Greece.

In the Book “The Secret Language of Birthdays” Gary Goldschneider calls me a “Grounded Wanderer” meaning traits typical of my birthdate are IMAGINATIVE, FREE-SPIRITED, GIVING, NERVOUS, UNSETTLED, & NEUROTIC, your typical Travel Addict!  

At sixteen years old with hot-pink hair, exaggerated baggy wide-legged skater pants, and a tiny midriff, I came across the most amazing book that to this day continues to astound me.  It was in Borders, right at the time when big-box megastores were transforming the way that we shopped, the early 90’s. The book is “The Secret Language of Birthdays” by Gary Goldschneider.  To this day I still look to this book & another of his, “The Secret Language of Relationships” as encyclopedia value.  I don’t know how he does it, but to me Gary Goldschneider is a genius, fortune-telling, mind-reading guru who can say or do no wrong in my book.  Maybe because I am head over heels in truth about HIS dedication to the day I was born.  Maybe because he predicted the break up of my last serious relationship for the exact reasons that were.  Maybe because he wrote my husband and I a relationship to out-stand cockroaches on Earth.  However the fact, I am and will forever be, The Grounded Wanderer!

Those born on this day are wanderers by nature and therefore either love to travel, or are somehow driven to do so. This theme of wandering or travel in their lives usually takes a real form, but can also be a metaphor for mental and emotional adventures as well. Indeed the literal and figurative are not mutually exclusive here. Reading, thinking, dreaming, traveling—both physically and psychically wandering—these are the kinds of activities which interest those born on this day.Gary Goldschneider

from The Secret Language of Birthdays

The date of my birth is called the “Wanderer,” …now add the year of my birth and I am suddenly a “Grounded Wanderer.”  Absolutely & perfectly makes no sense, just like me.  I am up and down and sideways and in between all in the same nano-second.  I am IMAGINATIVE, FREE-SPIRITED, GIVING, NERVOUS, UNSETTLED, & NEUROTIC, so says Mr. Goldschneider.  I love to travel and experience new things… but then I get nervous when I don’t completely understand my surroundings.  When I was in school, my art teachers would tell me to “Get back in the Box, you’re too far out there.” Often my friends comment on my hippie-like persona where I can just go with the flow and enjoy whatever is happening, just experiencing and being.  I could be the perfect lady completely self-confident attending a dinner with Brad Pitt and just as content talking to random strangers in the skankiest of skanky dive bars in the world.  Yet I always have an itch for something missing, that unsettled feeling, hence my traveling wandering essence.  Now Gary, I don’t really like you calling me neurotic, but I am 100% sure that my mother agrees with you!  She kept taking me to crazy doctors when I was younger… quite a few to be honest.  I diagnosed myself with “Angry Youth Teenagerism Disorder;” they preferred the stamp of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, what do they know?!?!?  After ten years into marital bliss /SLASH/ marital roller-coaster, my husband has come to terms with my incoherent rants of insanity, my jaw-dropping out-there-isms, & my fixation on going ANYWHERE NEW now!  


Gary, Mr. Goldschneider, I am forever listening to you.  Thank You for your advice to me:
  • Get your act together.
  • Your unsettled life may be charming for a while but can grow tiresome.
  • Perhaps there are those who would like to depend on you more.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your talents.
  • Stick to one thing and take it all the way.


If you would like to find out about the day that YOU  were born or the relationship status of two beings check out Mr. Gary Goldschneider magical guru-ness online:

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