Primo di Maggio translates as Labor Day in Italy

Red Velvet Voyage Giro Arrosto in Tuscany

Primo di Maggio in Italy is the 1st of May, translated as Labor Day in Italy when Italians go on picnics or attend festivals or concerts.  For Primo di Maggio I attended a picnic organized by my husbands best friend since he was 12 years old.  The location, an old family-built stone Tuscan Farm House that has since been abandoned, but serves as a party/picnic spot.  Families came out with babies & picnic blankets, in total about 60 people were in attendance.  He hired two men, one an uncle of another childhood friend, to bring out the meat and work the open rotiiserie pit – sausage, chicken, pork, liver, bead and lots of sage salt and olive oil.  Simple Tomato Spaghetti was served per i bimbi, the kids.  The really good wine was hidden in the pantry inside & I got to drink the fancy juice! Mothers brought home-made dolci. Everyone brought money to donate to the food and wine cause.  After lunch everyone played and laughed & continued to get even sillier.  Tuscan slang was tossed back and forth, me understanding about 50% of all of the jokes.  Everyone had a fantastic time and enjoyed la giornata in camagna!