We all Gotta Start Somewhere

For my first blog entry it seems only fitting to start with a road trip to my HOMETOWN of Augusta GA … Or Disgusta as I call it. But don’t get any ideas thinking that you can bad talk my hometown, it’s like you saying my mamma is fat… And don’t no body say nothing bad about my mamma!!!   Truthfully, I love coming back home to Augusta GA.  It’s where I spent the first part of my life, in and around… And I love Augusta GA.
Downtown Augusta GA preparing for the wave of chaos, that which is called the Masters, one of the most important golf tournaments in the world.  I remember as a little girl, that the town turned new in one week of the year, they bring out new street signs that they keep stored and cleaned year round, only bringing out for this week of the year, all the blowers come out to blow away all the pollen and dust from the streets.  It’s the most magical week in Augusta. Restaurants extend their hours, bring out their best silverware.
When you stay in Augusta, be sure to visit broad street in downtown. Ive seen such a revival downtown, and I my opinion we owe all of the life and energy to two places that started it all back in. The late 90’s. You have to stop in the Soul bar and the Pizza Joint.  Yes I am partial to theme both, I was one of the original pizza joint waitresses back in 1996, when downtown was nothing more than wig shops, skanky furniture stores and bunk insurance companies. Today I barely recognize it. But I’m proud to have been there to see this huge transformation from rags to riches. Broad st Augusta … you got it going on baby! Work it, keep,up the good work! XOXO



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